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Taking a Break

TobiasMage23 Admin posted Fri at 19:03
Taking a break on the normal games and I am going to try out ArcheAge feel free to watch my stream...


Update on the Mod Pack

tantrex Admin posted Tue at 3:31
Heya all,

Just tantrex bringing you a quick update on the modpack and how things are going, we have finally settled down on a list of items we want for the modpack.  I have created the pack and sorted out the item, potion and enchantment id conflicts.  Now we are going into the second stage, pack stability and issues.  I am estimating a total of 4-5 days for testing.

If you are interested in helping out with modpack stability, please reply to this thread.

NOTE: This is not the actual server you will be playing, this will a test server or single player world.  We are looking to test stability and make sure everything is playing nicely.

NOTE 2: Only players who use teamspeak will be considered.

New pack....

TobiasMage23 Admin posted Jun 30, 14
We have the new pack drawn up. We have had a few bumps, but it is a project that is being worked on. I know I was trying to release it by today, but there were a few unseen personal things that had came up. To help speed the process once we are done I believe we are going to submit the pack to the Tech Launcher, due to their fast response time.

Keep an eye out for it.

While the server was great to start with it has crashed too much for my liking....

So we are putting up a Terrafirmacraft server for now and working on a custom pack to replace the crackpack. Once the custom server is finished, if we have the players, I will leave the Terrafirmacraft pack up as well.  

come check it out.

NEW NEWS!!!!!!!!!

TobiasMage23 Admin posted Jun 22, 14
We now have a Rust Server up. Please feel free to check it out (net.connect

And if you could up the reddit post

Mamba and Sloth are doing a fine job at keeping the server up and running. 
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